To be successful in the era of Big Data, associations must build long-term technology assets that form a national network of membership-level intelligence and best practices. The ASCEND Health Intelligence Platform™ enables organizations to support their members in meeting transparency and reporting requirements, benchmarking performance, improving quality, and advancing science by gathering and researching real-world clinical evidence. A Health Intelligence Platform is more than just a patient registry used to meet a narrow list of goals, such as reporting CMS Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) measures. When well-designed and integrated into an association’s services portfolio, a Health Intelligence Platform also provides valuable insight into real-time, member-level practices and patterns, driving improvements in education, advocacy, and responsiveness to national trends. 

Our team guides our partners through all phases of patient registry-based Health Intelligence Platform planning, design, technology selection, development, and management. Through a tailored blend of services unique to each partner, with consideration for each organization's membership composition, clinical science, technology needs and desired goals, our team helps build transformational Health Intelligence Platforms that make our partners a success.


ASCEND Clinical Collaboration Network™

Connecting health professionals to share best practices and support large-scale studies and improvement

ASCEND Health Data Capture Tools™

Customizable, user-friendly data collection for clinicians and patients, delivered using desktop and mobile devices

ASCEND Advanced Analytics Engine™

Data mining, analysis, and visualization, with the latest tools and technologies at your fingertips

ASCEND Active Response System™

The right information at the right time, to drive improvements in care delivery and patient education